EFE Explanation

SRAVTE (Starved Rock Associates for Vocational and Technical Education) is one of 58 Education For Employment (EFE) regions in the state of Illinois. EFE regions were created in 1985 to accomodate requirements of the Federal Perkins Grant legislation. Officially all EFE regions are assigned a number. However, most regions also chose a name that is known by an acronym.

SRAVTE is offically EFE region #190.


For a detailed History of the first five years of SRAVTE click here: SRAVTE History

Past Board of Control (BOC) Presidents

Board of control presidents are elected to two years terms. The terms follow the fiscal year calendar.

Year School President
1986 & 87 Princeton High School Carl Cherrie
1988 & 89 Western Unit District Larry Marsh
1990 & 91 Putnam County School District Fred Ruck
1992 & 93 Mendota High School MIke Duffy

1994 & 95

Hall High School Sherwood Dees
1996 & 97 Ottawa High School Mick Clinch
1998 & 99 Princeton High School Andy Bertram
2000 & 01 Hall High School Bob Verdun
2001 & 02 Streator High School Bill Mattingly
2003 & 04 Seneca High School Rich Anderson
2005 & 06 Putnam County School District MIke Struna
2007 & 08 Lamoille High School Collette Sutton
2009 & 10 Mendota High School Jeff Prusator
2011 & 12 Princeton High School Kirk Haring
2013 & 14 Putnam County School District Jay McCracken
2015 & 16 Mendota High School Jeff Prusator

Past EFE Directors

Name Years Served
Richard E. Graff 1986-XXXX
Dr. Marianne Graham 19XX-XXXX
Mary Stouffer XXXX-2016
Dwayne Mentgen Present