The following links are designed to help facilitate the gathering of information as it pertains to Career and Technical Information. The links are organized by the task one needs to accomplish with the information provided.

Topic Link
Becoming a CTE Teacher (ISBE Website)
Provisional CTE Teacher Application (CTE Teaching Form 73-23A, for employers to verify work experience)
Provisional CTE Teacher Application (CTE Teaching Form 73-23B, for applicant to Notarize to Verfiy Work Experience)
Perkins Grant Expenditure Guidelines
CTEI Grant Expenditure Guidelines
Perkins Non-Traditional Programs
Illinois Valley Career Guide
Illinois CTE Fact Sheet (Provided by ISBE)
Illinois Perkins Performance Report
EFE Regional Directory (Provided by ISBE)
Illinois CTE Website
Career Pathways
Non-Traditional Program Information (Females in Engineering)
Early Childhood Credential Training