Contact Information
Dr. Clay Theisinger Superintendent Putnam County School District
Mr. Dan Stecken Superintendent Seneca HS
Dr. Michael Cushing Superintendent Ottawa HS
Mr. Brent Ziegler Superintendent Lamoille School District
Mr. Jeff Prusator Superintendent Mendota HS
Mr. Kirk Haring Superintendent Princeton HS
Mr. Brad Kenser Superintendent Depue HS
Dr. William Mattingly Superintendent Streator HS
Mr. Jesse Brandt SRAVTE President--Superintendent Hall High School District
Dr. Steve Wrobleski Superintendent Lasalle-Peru HS

The SRAVTE governing board is composed of the 10 superintendents representing the Starved Rock Associates for Vocational and Technical Education area (EFE Region II--190). The presidency of the board is given on a rotating basis, with each superintendent serving a two year term. The current president, Mr. Jesse Brandt, will serve his term until 2023. Upon completion of his tenure as SRAVTE Board President Mr. Brandt will turn over the presidency to Dr. Michael Cushing of Ottawa High School.

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